Valentine’s week special #6

This photo is taken in Science museum Macau, this heart shape tree is a famous spot for wedding photo shoot. Famous spot, famous angle and new colour of the tree for their new journey of life.

VD special-6f


Valentine’s week special #5

Lover and the red trees


This photo is taken at Sai Van of Macau, the air quality is not really good at that day, so that the light is a little bit soft and this would be good to take photo. We use one reflector to fill up the shadow of the groom and bride. Let the bride to lie on the edge of the Sai Van reservoir is a good way to present the details of the dress and also get the trees, water reflection and long pave way into the frame. I love this photo so much, how about you?VD special-5f

Another good day at the beach

After we finish The Tiny Forrest session, we go to the seaside, it take about 20 minute to drive to the beach (That’s the benefit to take engagement photos in Macau, a tiny city with many beautiful site). When we arrived the beach, we all feel excited with the good weather, warm wind, soft light, white sand and beautiful trees, thats fits to create photos with the style of me. a b c d e

Some details with flower, sea water, and warm light.

f g h i

We have a beautiful moment at the beach.

j k

We turn it to be a little lighthouse.


The beautiful cloud make the photo much more dramatic.


We found a heart shape rock near the sea, we sit on there and enjoy the wind.


Its always take risk to take a good picture. 

Mondy an Danice 2013-11-197