Candy & Ivan at Lei Yue Mun

Every part in this village may disappear soon, due to the extension of the railway (MTR) construction.  Just three years ago, when I am still a ‘camera player’, I went to here to take the sunset photo of the Victoria Harbour, the sea become golden, parents bring their kids to the seaside and enjoy the precious magic moment in summer time. Time flies, but thats the beautiful picture always in my mind.  After I came to Macau, I couldn’t find a same village with such lovely hut, traditional local store, lighthouse, seaside and grassland. I am so happy that I can help Candy and Ivan to take their engagement photos here. Candy and Ivan like vintage style: Beatles, Film shooting, Wooden box, Cola bottle, wooden hut village…we can find all the elements here. Special thanks for the shop keepers of the local store, they are very nice to let us took photo in their shop, you can feel ‘love and relationship’  from them, which couldn’t find in chain-store. At last, thanks god for the excellent weather,  we have a nice evening here. Time to enjoy the photos! Here we go!

The natural light is come from both side, so that we can get some moody pictures.


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The making of no. 1:  A small reflector hand held by Tony, this is for compensate the darker side of the face, compare with the bright golden background.

Candy & Ivan-235



The Making of no.2: A small reflector hand held by Tony, it can highlight the face of the couple, make them brighter and happier.

Candy & Ivan-355

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Photographer: Roy Yeung

Makeup artist: Holly Ng

Partner: Tony Leung

Valentine’s week special #5

Lover and the red trees


This photo is taken at Sai Van of Macau, the air quality is not really good at that day, so that the light is a little bit soft and this would be good to take photo. We use one reflector to fill up the shadow of the groom and bride. Let the bride to lie on the edge of the Sai Van reservoir is a good way to present the details of the dress and also get the trees, water reflection and long pave way into the frame. I love this photo so much, how about you?VD special-5f

Winnie & Hei

大約半年前, 新Winnie Mak話我知會響Luxe The Luxe Manor搞Cocktail同証婚, 我就已經好期待,因為Luxe Manor真係好靚,而大家前期溝通時就已經好興𡚒,大家都期待會有好多靓相出,令我自已都有少少壓力,好彩到婚禮當日各方面都順順利利,而加上Polly Tsang出品既妝,令前我後期工作都變得容易。最後,多謝好朋友Winnie同Hei信任我幫佢地影Wedding day,希望你地會喜歡。仲有祝你地三年抱兩,百年好合同生活愉快。



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好正既Luxe Manor, 不過如果時間再多少少就好。9 10 11 12