Candy & Ivan at Lei Yue Mun

Every part in this village may disappear soon, due to the extension of the railway (MTR) construction.  Just three years ago, when I am still a ‘camera player’, I went to here to take the sunset photo of the Victoria Harbour, the sea become golden, parents bring their kids to the seaside and enjoy the precious magic moment in summer time. Time flies, but thats the beautiful picture always in my mind.  After I came to Macau, I couldn’t find a same village with such lovely hut, traditional local store, lighthouse, seaside and grassland. I am so happy that I can help Candy and Ivan to take their engagement photos here. Candy and Ivan like vintage style: Beatles, Film shooting, Wooden box, Cola bottle, wooden hut village…we can find all the elements here. Special thanks for the shop keepers of the local store, they are very nice to let us took photo in their shop, you can feel ‘love and relationship’  from them, which couldn’t find in chain-store. At last, thanks god for the excellent weather,  we have a nice evening here. Time to enjoy the photos! Here we go!

The natural light is come from both side, so that we can get some moody pictures.


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The making of no. 1:  A small reflector hand held by Tony, this is for compensate the darker side of the face, compare with the bright golden background.

Candy & Ivan-235



The Making of no.2: A small reflector hand held by Tony, it can highlight the face of the couple, make them brighter and happier.

Candy & Ivan-355

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Photographer: Roy Yeung

Makeup artist: Holly Ng

Partner: Tony Leung


2013年賽車搖滾音樂祭 part 4

C Allstar

其實我覺得佢地同Rock又無咩關係,  但係佢地選左首歌叫”音樂殖民地”就同Band sound有好大關係, 大約十多年前, 仲係CD主導Mp3及互聯網初起的年代, 音樂殖民地雙周就是我們了解Indie Band既最快最新既媒介, 佢係一本只有封面係彩色, 內頁全黑白的基本上純文字的音樂雜誌, 每兩個星期, 我地就要去報紙檔搵MCB, 有時熱門樂隊出碟, 個期就好快就賣哂。MCB基本上除左Pop之外, 咩都介紹, 由樂隊組成, 出碟有咩理念, 有時佢會做電話訪問, 令讀者從白紙黑字上就能穿越浩大的音樂領域。 因為MCB, 我把午飯換成面包, 省下來的錢就去山林道間cd舖進貢, 後來進貢點轉左去信和地庫間動物園, 到後來”啪”一聲MCB決定停刊, 轟動Indie圈, 大家都在想沒有袁志聰的日子我怎麼過? 後來我亦轉到廣州讀書, 展開掃卡口碟生涯, 一箱一箱從廣州帶回香港, 家裡滿櫃的CD, 都是拜袁志聰所致。

Rockinn - C-all star-1  Rockinn - C-all star-15 Rockinn - C-all star-14 Rockinn - C-all star-13 Rockinn - C-all star-10 Rockinn - C-all star-9 Rockinn - C-all star-7 Rockinn - C-all star-3 Rockinn - C-all star-2




Rockinn - C-all star-16