Valentine’s week special # 1

We meet under the forget me not.

We took this photo in the garden of Macau museum with a classic angle. We turn the tree into purple and become forget me not.

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VD special-1f

Another good day at the beach

After we finish The Tiny Forrest session, we go to the seaside, it take about 20 minute to drive to the beach (That’s the benefit to take engagement photos in Macau, a tiny city with many beautiful site). When we arrived the beach, we all feel excited with the good weather, warm wind, soft light, white sand and beautiful trees, thats fits to create photos with the style of me. a b c d e

Some details with flower, sea water, and warm light.

f g h i

We have a beautiful moment at the beach.

j k

We turn it to be a little lighthouse.


The beautiful cloud make the photo much more dramatic.


We found a heart shape rock near the sea, we sit on there and enjoy the wind.


Its always take risk to take a good picture. 

Mondy an Danice 2013-11-197

Winnie & Hei

大約半年前, 新Winnie Mak話我知會響Luxe The Luxe Manor搞Cocktail同証婚, 我就已經好期待,因為Luxe Manor真係好靚,而大家前期溝通時就已經好興𡚒,大家都期待會有好多靓相出,令我自已都有少少壓力,好彩到婚禮當日各方面都順順利利,而加上Polly Tsang出品既妝,令前我後期工作都變得容易。最後,多謝好朋友Winnie同Hei信任我幫佢地影Wedding day,希望你地會喜歡。仲有祝你地三年抱兩,百年好合同生活愉快。



2 3

4 5 6 7



好正既Luxe Manor, 不過如果時間再多少少就好。9 10 11 12



Tiny forrest

I love to take natural style photo with some trees and sunlight, this tiny piece of forrest is so great for photo taking, no flash is needed, just beautiful natural light, beautiful dress and beautiful couple.


To get a better angle,  a ladder could help.

Mondy an Danice 2013-11-130

Just natural and beautiful.

0312 0412 0512

A lovely little daisy can give some colour to the picture.


So much details on the head piece.

0712 0812 0912 

Sometimes, natural light is better than flash light.

Mondy an Danice 2013-11-129