Gillian & Niles

A warm, beloved and memorable wedding day!  Really grateful that we could be your photography team at this special moment, as a friend know for more than ten years and it is so warm that I can met many good friends again during the wedding.

The weather is very nice all day long. We choose to use the natural light in the reception and tea ceremony to gain a most natural and warm images.

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During the outing shooting, it was really busy at the seaside park,  the weather is still very nice but not too sunny, so that the light is really cool for photo taking.


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For the banquet and the ceremony, we set up 2 background flash, to ensure that we would not miss and memorable moment. As a father of a daughter, I could feel that how a father could miss his adorable daughter, it was so touching to see Gillian and her father march in, I almost couldn’t stop my tears coming out.

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At last, we hope that you will like our capturing of those wonderful and beautiful moments of your Big Day!


Emily & Lei wedding day

I love their wedding so much, they put many vintage items in their wedding: Coca cola bottle, “Cha Chan Teng” -Hong Kong style teahouse cart seat, White rabbit candies, Dim sum……and The Beatles songs! They decide to use this vintage theme, because Emily’s family own a Cha Chan Teng in Macau for many years, and this theme let the wedding full of love and memories with family.

Touching moment between Emily and her mum.1

Crazy groom mate


Lei got fever before the wedding day, he almost can’t speak that day, but he still finish to sing ‘愛你不分早晚’ according to Emily’s mum order. Thats make all of us laugh.


This boy is another old member of Emily’s family, look at his eyes, he miss his friend so much.


Lei’s cover Emily’s ears from the loud noise, another touching moment.



The special guess.


Love this blooming  background so much, another good timing to come to here.

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Vintage style candy corner


The final preparation


Beautiful flower petal during march in


Elegant red night gown




Finally we have time to take a few shoot for this Cha Chan Teng photo session.


Mondy & Dannice wedding day

Blog updated finally! 🙂


In this wedding I try some new lighting setting that make the photos more bright and natural.



I use one flash behind my camera thats lighten the back of the bride, it makes the photo more similar as what we see from our eyes.



A flash on the top left hand corner of the photo, light up the bride face and make the photo more balanced.



Usually,  the apartment light is much weaker than the daylight from the window, a flash inside the house can make the photo more balance and more “crystal clear”.







I would like to say thanks to many people to create in this photo: the groom mate driver, they make those vehicles in a team form. My lighting assistant on the front seat.  Thanks for their trust and corporate, so that I can take this photo.


Four flashgun were used in this photo, 2 back light, 1 lighting assistant(in the opposite side of the camera), 1 on my camera to compensate the shadow on the face of the bride and groom.


3 backlight, 1 flashgun on my camera to create some “foggy” style and clear face image,I love to catch this beautiful moment to save a beautiful memory.


Young and beautiful bride mate, cheers!



Winnie & Hei

大約半年前, 新Winnie Mak話我知會響Luxe The Luxe Manor搞Cocktail同証婚, 我就已經好期待,因為Luxe Manor真係好靚,而大家前期溝通時就已經好興𡚒,大家都期待會有好多靓相出,令我自已都有少少壓力,好彩到婚禮當日各方面都順順利利,而加上Polly Tsang出品既妝,令前我後期工作都變得容易。最後,多謝好朋友Winnie同Hei信任我幫佢地影Wedding day,希望你地會喜歡。仲有祝你地三年抱兩,百年好合同生活愉快。



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好正既Luxe Manor, 不過如果時間再多少少就好。9 10 11 12