Gillian & Niles

A warm, beloved and memorable wedding day!  Really grateful that we could be your photography team at this special moment, as a friend know for more than ten years and it is so warm that I can met many good friends again during the wedding.

The weather is very nice all day long. We choose to use the natural light in the reception and tea ceremony to gain a most natural and warm images.

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During the outing shooting, it was really busy at the seaside park,  the weather is still very nice but not too sunny, so that the light is really cool for photo taking.


16 17 18 19 20

20121 22

For the banquet and the ceremony, we set up 2 background flash, to ensure that we would not miss and memorable moment. As a father of a daughter, I could feel that how a father could miss his adorable daughter, it was so touching to see Gillian and her father march in, I almost couldn’t stop my tears coming out.

23 25 26 2728 29

At last, we hope that you will like our capturing of those wonderful and beautiful moments of your Big Day!


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