Emily & Lei wedding day

I love their wedding so much, they put many vintage items in their wedding: Coca cola bottle, “Cha Chan Teng” -Hong Kong style teahouse cart seat, White rabbit candies, Dim sum……and The Beatles songs! They decide to use this vintage theme, because Emily’s family own a Cha Chan Teng in Macau for many years, and this theme let the wedding full of love and memories with family.

Touching moment between Emily and her mum.1

Crazy groom mate


Lei got fever before the wedding day, he almost can’t speak that day, but he still finish to sing ‘愛你不分早晚’ according to Emily’s mum order. Thats make all of us laugh.


This boy is another old member of Emily’s family, look at his eyes, he miss his friend so much.


Lei’s cover Emily’s ears from the loud noise, another touching moment.



The special guess.


Love this blooming  background so much, another good timing to come to here.

8 910

Vintage style candy corner


The final preparation


Beautiful flower petal during march in


Elegant red night gown




Finally we have time to take a few shoot for this Cha Chan Teng photo session.



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