Mondy & Dannice wedding day

Blog updated finally! 🙂


In this wedding I try some new lighting setting that make the photos more bright and natural.



I use one flash behind my camera thats lighten the back of the bride, it makes the photo more similar as what we see from our eyes.



A flash on the top left hand corner of the photo, light up the bride face and make the photo more balanced.



Usually,  the apartment light is much weaker than the daylight from the window, a flash inside the house can make the photo more balance and more “crystal clear”.







I would like to say thanks to many people to create in this photo: the groom mate driver, they make those vehicles in a team form. My lighting assistant on the front seat.  Thanks for their trust and corporate, so that I can take this photo.


Four flashgun were used in this photo, 2 back light, 1 lighting assistant(in the opposite side of the camera), 1 on my camera to compensate the shadow on the face of the bride and groom.


3 backlight, 1 flashgun on my camera to create some “foggy” style and clear face image,I love to catch this beautiful moment to save a beautiful memory.


Young and beautiful bride mate, cheers!




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